Giant Mamba

  • Brand: EXTREMA RATIO Екстрема ратио

The Giant Mamba has a 6.3 mm thick, 58 HRC Böhler N690 steel, plain edged tanto blade with full length fuller for lightness finished in black or stone washed. The Forprene grip is affixed by a threaded tang that makes the knife sturdy and well balanced. The injection molded, impact grade nylon, M.O.L.L.E. compatible scabbard has a dampening system to avoid blade rattle, twin button safety loop, anti-rotation rubberized thigh strap and a retention safety disengaged by simple pressure on the trigger-like lever. The new knife line minimizes thickness and bulk without skimping on toughness and safety.


Техническа характеристика

Giant Mamba

-Тегло: g 289
-Дължина на острието: mm 163
-Обща дължина: mm 293
-Дебелина: mm 6.3
-Стомана: N 690 BÖHLER
-Твърдост: 58 HRC
-Ръкохватка: FORPRENE
-Назъбване на острието: няма
-Заточване: право/гладко
-Покритие на острието: MIL-C-13924 BURNISHING
-Mодел: Giant Mamba BLACK

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