PUMA Solingen hunting knives

PUMA Chronicle
The PUMA Chronicle 1769 Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung writes down his trademark in the knife makers role of Solingen - the PUMA history started. 1855 His great-grandchild Nathanael (1815-1865) moved the production to the nearby city of Solingen 1876 His son, Ernst Otto Lauterjung (1855-1931) for the first time also manufactures pocket-knives, stilettos, sabers and hunting knives in an additional small factory. 1900 On May 26th the name "PUMA-Werk, Lauterjung und Sohn" is written down on the Solingen register of companies. 1920 The sons Eugen (1883-1961) and Franz (1888-1976) build a second plant in Solingen and push the export. So PUMA got known internationally before the II. World War. 1936-1945 During the second World War the production is put under the authority of the war industry. 1946 Return to the civilian production of pocket- and household knives. 1953 Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf (1915-1986), husband of Renate Lauterjung, changes the produktion on functional hunting-, fishing-, outdoor- and sporting knives. In cooperation with top forestray commissioner Walte Frevert, a numerous PUMA classics are developed (Waidbesteck, Jagdnicker, Waidmesser, universal hunting knife and hog spear). The bloodhound leader Tassius designs the Rьdemann and the Wildtцte. 1956 PUMA develops the model White Hunter for the East african hunting organization. 1965 PUMA introduces the number system. Every model gets an examining number of its own, incl. guarantee exercise book, with production year. 1967 Renate von Frankenberg takes over the management in the PUMA-Werk. 1986 Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf dies and leaves an economically highly profitable and internationally recognized enterprise behind. 1991 Sale of PUMA-Werk to the Solinger family Hindrichs. 1995 Harald Lauer, already active in the enterprise since the end of the seventies, becomes Managing director of PUMA-Werk. Under his management new production methods are forced, e.g. CNC controllers and laser technology. 1998 Sale to businessman Heiner Hiepass-Aryus and removal to the modern industrial area "Aufderhцhe". 2003 Next to the classic line PUMA offers its customers a series of very qualitative knives in traditional design under the label "PUMA IP" ( PUMA International Production). 2008 With "Puma TEC" the company completes its knife program with economically attractive, fixed blade and folding knives in a modern look.

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