RUBY Peeling knife

  • Марка: Mikov CZ

The 409-ND-9 / RUBY Peeling knife is slightly curved and is suitable for peeling fruits and vegetables. . The handle is perfectly ergonomic and is designed by our constructors and designers to enable comfortable work with the knife. Thanks to the precise processing, the handle fits perfectly with the blade, so it gives no space to dirt and pathogenic bacteria. The blade is equipped with fittings that protect the fingers when slicing. The use of RUBY kitchen knives is comfortable and safe while observing the basic rules of handling sharp objects and hygiene. 409-ND-9 / RUBY Peeling kitchen knife is suitable for everyday use and corrosion resistant.

Why to buy a RUBY knife?
- ergonomic shape of the handle developed especially for these knives
- front fittings protects fingers from injury
- rear fittings protect the knife from damage

Number of functions: 1
Knife 409-ND-9 / RUBY PEELING e very high quality product from the knife company Mikov, its history dates back to until 1794 and is based in the town of Mikulášovice, which is located in the Czech Switzerland National Park.

84,00 лв.
Базова цена:84,00 лв.
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