Augsburg Suit of Armor

This German suit of armor is hand forged of 18 gauge mild steel, includes decorative waist skirt and complete wooden interior form. Overall height of 81 inches. Decorative only, and includes a heavy, wooded pedestal base

The Imperial city of Augsburg was renowned for armor makers, which included the Helmschmied family and master armorer Lorenz. This suit is reminiscent of a 16th century design, which would have been in the style manufactured by that illustrious foundry. Though this suit is not made to be worn, it is still maintains all the esthetic beauty of a full harness of armor.

Handmade of 18 gauge mild steel, this imposing suit is one of the most affordable we have ever offered. The artisans of Windlass Steelcrafts have worked on these suit and have upgraded the look, making these better than most of the more affordable armors on the market. Comes complete with a heavy, museum quality wooded pedestal base, decorative waist skirt and complete wooden interior form.

Височина - 206 сm.

Височина на бронята - 183 сm.

Дебелина на бронята - 1,8 mm.

Тегло с поставката- 29,86 kg.

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2 495,00 лв.
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