Mail Armor Coif

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From the Celts of 300 BC to 18th century Asia, mail was one of the most prized items a warrior could own. The Foe of Swords probably derived the name "mail" from the Latin Macula meaning net. This coif features 16 gauge links in the "international" pattern - 4 links through a 5th - common to all European mail.

Faithfully copied from examples in museums and private collections, it can be worn with or without a helmet. We recommend keeping this butted steel mail oiled at all times.

Great for a wide variety of outfits from Viking and Medieval to early Renaissance. 

Outer link diameter of each link is about 7/16”, inner link diameter about 3/8”.  76-80   66-68

Wt: 5lbs/8oz  2,16


Уникален реквизит с исторически верен дизайн, подходящ за участие във възстановка на исторически сцени или да бъде допълнение на всяка колекция.

Може да бъде доставен след поръчка

Моля, свържете се с нас в случай, че имате въпроси.


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