Рапира на Мюнхенската градска стража

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Munich Town Watch Rapier Like most of the big cities of the Renaissance, Munich Germany had a town watch. The watchmen enforced the law to some extent, but were primarily a well-armed troop of well-to-do citizens out to guard their interests. Many of their responsibilities required them to use an edged weapon suitable for both cutting and thrusting. Our Munich Town Watch Rapier has a relatively wide blade, which makes it ideal for both functions. It is a replica of a rapier type found in many museums today: in the Munich Armory, the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt, Germany or catalog number A612 in the Wallace Collection, for example. Made around 1600, this rapier has a strong, tapering blade hand forged from carbon steel with a narrow ricasso inside the finger ring. Its elegant complex basket has side guard rings and a knuckle bow. The hardwood grip is elaborately wrapped with iron wire with braided wire at the ends. A riveted pommel shaped like a flattened ball completes the hilt. This Munich Town Watch Rapier includes a black leather scabbard with a mount and chape. Total length: 100.5 cm Blade length: 83.5 cm Grip length: 8.5 cm Weight: 1.56 kg Blade thickness (base): 3.7 mm Blade thickness (CoP): 3.7 mm Blade width (base): 4.2 cm Blade width (CoP): 2.7 cm

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