• Марка: EXTREMA RATIO Екстрема ратио
  • Кат. номер: KH

Тегло g:..................650
обща дължина mm:..........493
дължина на острието mm:...340
дебелина на острието mm:.6,3
острие от стомана:.N690
твърдост :.58 HRC
ръкохватки :.Forprene

There’s a reason it’s a classic. Made famous by the Gurkha regiments serving under the British crown, the “kukri” is a Nepalese all-purpose blade descended from ancient Greek sickle-shaped swords. It’s ultimately a machete with a top-heavy, forward-positioned cutting edge, which enables it to function as an axe while retaining the versatility of a long blade. Extrema Ratio has developed two such tools, our KS and KH models, blending ancient and modern design concepts. Both employ combination grinds. The razor-like hollow grind closer to the grip yields a fine, sharp edge without compromising the overall thickness of the back of the blade (which needs great sturdiness). The tip portion of the blade is instead flat ground, well-angled to effortlessly penetrate wood and vegetation. While similar tools are usually made from softer steel alloys for elasticity and ease of honing, we were able to achieve adequate elasticity using hard BÖHLER N690 steel, making for a remarkably durable edge.

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